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    Stickers and Labels

    Sticker and Labels for your product branding. Start printing Stickers ONLINE from 50 pieces. Print your Stickers and Labels now at affordable price.

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    Our Supported Stickers and Labels Printing Materials

    Check out on the available materials for your Sticker and Labels Printing

    Mirrorkorte Glossy Stickers

    Paperbase Coated Stickers. Suitable on most flat and dry surface such as Paper, Plastic, Glass, and Metals. Cost efficient material. Thickness of 90 micron

    Woodfree Matte Stickers

    Paperbase Matte Surface Stickers, suitable for writing purpose, applicable on most dry surfaces. Cost Efficient. Thickness of 100 micron.

    PP White Stickers

    White Glossy Plastic-based sticker. Suitable as Cosmetic, Toiletries, Beverages Labels. Moisture Resistance. Thickness of 70 micron.

    OPP Transparent Stickers

    Transparent Glossy Plastic-based sticker. Suitable as Cosmetic, Toiletries, Beverages Labels. Moisture Resistance. Thickness of 40 micron. Printable with White ink Printing at additional request.

    Brown Kraft Stickers

    Natural Brown Paperbase Stickers. Matte Surface, suitable for writing. Widely used as Homemade cookies and pastry labels. Thickness of 90 micron.

    Synthetic Paper Stickers

    High Opacity White PVC based Stickers. Higher durability compared to PP Stickers. Higher resistance to Moist and Oily surface. Suitable as Frozen Food and Heavy Duty Toiletry Labels. Thickness of 90 micron.

    Removable White PP Stickers

    Plastic based stickers with White Gloss Surface. Suitable for Temporary usage purpose such as short term promotion, and temporary tagging. Less adhesive compared to all material. Thickness of 70 micron.

    Silver Polyester Stickers

    Plastic based Bright Silver Sticker. Suitable as Electrical product Label, identification stickers, warning stickers, and servicing stickers. Thickness of 40 micron.

    Matte Silver Polyester Stickers

    Plastic based Matte Silver Sticker. Suitable as Electrical product Label, identification stickers, warning stickers, and servicing stickers. Thickness of 40 micron.

    Warranty Stickers

    Brittle White PVC based Sticker, mainly used as anti-counterfeiting labels. To be labelled on drugs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and confidential items. Thickness of 55 micron.

    Delivery Sheet Size

    Our Stickers are available in these cutting as below

    Place in A3

    Stickers will be printed on a large sheet of A3. Die cutting, and waste peeling done, with stickers left on the A3 Sheet.

    Place in A4

    Stickers will be printed on a large sheet of A4. Die cutting, and waste peeling done, with stickers left on the A4 Sheet.

    Single Cut

    Stickers will be delivered in an individual form, with die cut done, waste peeled, and bring trimmed down to one sticker per piece.

    100% Die Cut

    Stickers will be cut 100%, with no edge and waste peeling required.

    Print Label Sticker For Various Purposes

    Why do you need stickers and labels? Check out how can our stickers and labels help in your branding.

    Utilities Product Labels

    Toiletries Essential Labels

    Supplement Product Labels

    Kitchen Essential Labels

    Pharmaceutical Labels

    Medical Product Labels

    Jam Jar Labels

    Industrial Product Labels

    Hygiene Product Labels

    Hand Wash Product Labels

    Glass Bottle Labels

    Household Product Labels

    Frozen Product Labels

    Food Labels

    Egg Tray Labels

    Eatery Takeaway Labels

    Drink Labels

    Cover Lid Labels

    Cosmetic Labels

    Bottle Labels

    Beauty Care Product Labels

    Beverage Labels

    We Print and Deliver Your Stickers and Labels Anywhere In New Zealand

    Don't worry about where are you from. We serve you from anywhere in New Zealand with door to door delivery service!




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    Stickers and Labels Printing in New Zealand

    Print Your Stickers and Labels online in New Zealand at the Factory Price

    Ordering online stickers and labels printing in New Zealand is easy at We help New Zealand businesses, like yours, to promote themselves with cost-effective print solutions. Our range of stickers are available in five different shapes such as Rectangular or Square Stickers, Round Stickers, Round Corner Stickers, Oval Stickers and Custom Die Cut Stickers. You can add custom stickers and labels to your marketing toolkit and spruce up your packaging. Using personalised stickers and labels can boost your brands recognition. It gives your products, packaging and presentation an on brand and professional finish. In terms of durability, we have multiple options of materials at your choice. Being it Waterproof PP Stickers, Transparent PP Stickers, Normal Glossy Mirrorkorte Stickers, and Woodfree Stickers, you name it, we have it!

    Why Print your Stickers and Labels with us?

    As the fastest growing Online Printing company in New Zealand, Printoka aims to offer a very affordable and solid quality stickers and labels printing online at factory price. Our printing staffs have dedicated themselves to the art of digital printing. So rest assured that when you order with us, you’re guaranteed the highest quality print that meets and exceeds the quality standards of our fussiest printers. Printoka is always happy to work with you throughout the full process, no matter how big or small your stickers and labels requirements are.

    YES! Printoka ships to all New Zealand cities. Whether you’re printing in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki, Canterbury, Otago or elsewhere, we can get your printed materials to you quickly. Simply shop our site, select your products to start configuration and order your printing online. Doesn't matter if you are in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Lower Hutt, Dunedin, Napier, New Plymouth, Nelson, Rotorua, Hastings, Invercargill, Upper Hutt, Whanganui, Gisborne, Hibiscus Coast, Porirua, Palmerston North, Whangarei, we can ship all you need to your location!

    Easy Printing Process

    Our quick, easy step-by-step ordering process makes ordering stickers and labels printing in New Zealand a breeze. Don’t forget to check the Guide for Closing Artwork before you upload your work. If you don’t have the skills or the tools to create your own design, try using our free online Template Download to create your artwork. You are highly suggested to download it and apply all your designs according to the guidelines and information in the Templates. So start your online printing with Printoka. If you have any questions,  you can check out our FAQ or drop us an email, or speak to us.

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