Choose the type of Tickets and Vouchers to configure

Book Binded Tickets or Vouchers

Book Form Tickets and Voucher being distributed to your customers. Suitable as Tickets or VIP Vouchers and usually there will be data recording required on the receiver.

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Loose Sheet Tickets or Vouchers

Sheet Form Tickets and Voucher that allows you to distribute to your customers. Suitable as Discount Vouchers being distributed to the mass public and not require data recording.

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Product details


Tickets and Vouchers

with Printoka to:

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Generate Additional Revenues from Returning Customers

Sizes Available

55mm x 213mm

60mm x 210mm

90mm x 140mm

90mm x 190mm

95mm x 225mm

105mm x 145mm

105mm x 300mm

107mm x 190mm

120mm x 230mm

125mm x 175mm

145mm x 145mm

145mm x 210mm

Materials Available

105gsm Art Paper Gloss Coated

128gsm Art Paper Gloss Coated

157gsm Art Paper Gloss Coated

105gsm Art Paper Matte Coated

128gsm Art Paper Matte Coated

157gsm Art Paper Matte Coated

230gsm Art Card Gloss Coated

250gsm Art Card Gloss Coated

Ticket Finishing



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